|Getting Started

Not Sure Where to Start? Hopefully this will help.

  • Helping a Loved One
  • Thinking About Hospice
  • Setting Up Home Care Services
  • Getting a Referral


Helping a Loved One: Want to speak with a professional to assess what help might be needed for a loved one? We are standing by and prepared to listen to your concerns and discuss your options.

Thinking About Hospice: Although a doctor’s referral is required for hospice services, our hospice team is available to talk with you and help explain your options and how the process works.

Setting Up Home Care Services:We are available to go over your options with you, just give us a call. Note: If you are planning to utilize insurance, a physician referral is needed. Otherwise, for private pay, please call us directly to discuss your needs.

Getting a Referral: Please call your physician to ask for a referral to Visiting Nurse and Community Health. Private payment services are also available and do not require a physician referral.