HomMed is VNCH’s TeleHealth solution. It is a state-of-the-art health monitoring system offered exclusively by Visiting Nurse and Community Health. This program allows us to identify any deviation in vital signs that may be occurring. Identifying these trends allows us to react to a patient's possible health threat before it becomes a problem.

Through our HomMed program, we are able to provide daily monitoring of a patient’s:

  • Blood pressure
  • Heart rate
  • Oxygen level
  • Temperature
  • Weight


Patients are monitored by two registered nurses. The patient’s primary care nurse will be responsible for his/her cardiac assessment, medication teaching and any other health care needs he/she may have. The HomMed nurse will review the information obtained by the monitor on a daily basis. Any deviations will result in a phone call to the patient to check on his/her status. A follow-up call will be made to the patient’s primary care physician, as required.

Patients who should be considered for this program include those with:

  • A recent hospitalization
  • Recent ER visits for existing chronic conditions
  • Any condition requiring frequent monitoring or trending of vital signs to facilitate clinical management
  • History of poor compliance with diet, medications or self-monitoring of chronic conditions

The goal of the HomMed program is to prevent hospitalizations and emergency room visits, as well as to identify trends in vital signs. By monitoring a patient’s vital signs on a daily basis, we are able to intervene in the early stages of exacerbations. Prompt communication of abnormal readings allows the physician to detect subtle changes in clinical status before a patient’s condition deteriorates.

To learn more about HomMed or enroll in our program, please contact our Intake Department at (781) 643-6090, ext. 1308. A physician’s referral is required.  Please refer to our HomeCare Plus page to review pricing for this and other services that do not need a physician's referral.